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Kontaktperson/en Gunnar Ahlström
Adresse PikeStrike Sweden Färmanstorp S-37024 Nättraby
Gewässer Karlskrona (Schärengarten)


Welcome to Pikes Trike Camp Brofästet! Our camp is located in Karlskrona archipelago, on the island Senoren at Möcklösundsbron. GPS pos. 8’261 N 56, E 15, 44’527. Fly with Ryan Air from Weser airport (Dussendorf) directly to Växjö airport and we will pick you up. An other alternative is to take the ferry from Gdynia to Karlskrona and you are here!

We offer:

  • Week package – cottages and modern boats with GPS and sonar or cattage together with fishing kayaks
  • Guiding – boat fishing
  • Guiding and basic instructions regarding kayak fishing
  • Rental boats, all with GPS and sonar
  • Jackson Kayaks, fishing kayaks for rent and sale
  • Sport fishing shop with everything you need for your fishing in our waters
  • A private island with military tents to rent
  • Shop with café / restaurant during the summer months

Fishing area: The vast and shallow arcipelago of Karlskrona with hundreds of sheltered islands and islets and millions of stones, all easily reached by boat or car. This area must be on of the best in the world for pike. It´s good for perch and very good for seatrout and salmon fishing. In the spring the herring enters the shallow bays. Here is a clip that you can use (it´s free for any user on Internet):

PikeStrikes goal is to offer both Swedish and international anglers a complete package that includes modern sport fishing boats, fishing kayaks and cottages with best sea location.

We rent Emotion, Jackson and Freedom 12 fishing kayaks. Then also includes a simple personal Operating manual, life jacket, anchor, kayak trolley and charts.

We rent sport fishing boats from one day to a week. The boats are Cresent Celest 470 with 15 horsepower Yamaha four-stroke engines, Garmin GPS and sonar, and sea anchor. These boats are carefully selected to provide our customers with a safe and comfortable fishing experience. Up to three people can be fishing comfortably at the same time from our boats.

Sportfishing Package „Sea Cottage“
Take the opportunity to live and fish for a week of our wonderful archipelago. The cabins are located a few meters from the sea and piers. Pike fishing is very good right outside your cabin door! Our five sea cottages, pike, zander, carp, perch and Stickleback, are spacious and well equipped with covered terrace, shower, toilet, kitchenette and bedroom in an upper floor with four beds.

Obviously, a good boat important for you to get good conditions for successful fishing. The holiday package includes a Crecent Celest 470 or High Rowing with 15 hp four stroke engine, GPS and separate sonar. A new EU trailer is included, which allows you to explore other waters in our environment.

Weekpackage cottage and kayaks
Want to try kayak fishing for a week (Saturday to Saturday) so we have a perfect option. The package includes a week’s accommodation in a small but modern cabin suitable for two people (wifi, cable TV, etc.), two fishing kayaks in the top class, two half-day guided tour / kayak fishing education and boat with GPS for any days with severe weather when kayak fishing is inappropriate. The cottage is only two hundred meters from one of Karlskrona archipelago best pike waters regardless of the season.

Pike Strike offers the best guides for pike fishing in Karlskrona and Ronneby Archipelago and in Småland waterways. We use the spin, float trolling, jerkbait and fly fishing. Our guide boats allows safe and comfortable fishing for up to three people, which is the maximum number of anglers included in our prices. Safety and fishing equipment are included of course. Guiding means not only catch fish, but is a „mini-course“ in how, why and in what way you are going to fish for success the rest of the days you fish in our waters. We advise you to begin your fishing vacation in our region with a guided tour. This will ensure you a successful fishing under all fishing days you are here with your friends or family. We call it taking a short cut to the curve for a successful fishing and thus a memory for life.

Angling Shop
In the shop you will find a wide range of jerkbaits, wobblers, spoons, spinners, rods, reels, live mesh and rubber baits mainly for pike and perch fishing, but also for sea trout and cod. We stock understood even paws, hooks, pike flies, etc. Good information about hen and here you should be fishing is alays free of charge!


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